sustainable processes


How many times we wish we would have wrote that thought down or how many times we actually remember of having it done but we have no idea how to access those notes, as they might be noted on flying sheets? But more interesting: how many times did you find yourself reading some very old notes and realizing that some old things suites your present research? I find very interesting to access notes about the same topic that where written with sometimes years in between.

In 2017 Debocs began a movement research that developped during over 2 years.

As the the time frame was quite extended the questions have transformed, priorities have changed,taste has changed, good material got lost or found no place into the piece.

What happen to this all? How do we avoid to waste good ideas? Could we find a way to have a more sustainable artistic process? Would be maybe possible that some discovery needed to find their way out trough a channel different then the dance piece?

I am at the moment recollecting documents from the research, especially paper material in order to reconstruct a path, to understand why certain decision were made and understand how we worked. In this way I am also trying to see if there is some kind of methodology that can be further investigated. At the same time I am looking for this lost material that has the power to inspire me in the very now.

Martina De Dominicis